The Asian Belgian Resort dive center is a modern and spacious center specialized in scuba diving
Asian Belgian Resort_ PADI Dive Center Scuba Diving and Adventure resort Connecting travelers with Moalboal Cebu Philippines
If youre a scuba diver special room prices are available to you email us to find out more
Pay with USD $..Cash you get 5% off most prices

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We offer airport pick up 24 hours a day or night even (MIDNIGHT )-to the resort Car...1-4 way: 2.600 PHP/Car Big car...5 way: 3.200 PHP/Big car Large Van...6-11 way: 5.000 PHP/Large van We will need your flight number an time of arrival Also we need to know where your coming from (sample ) (Manila ) (Hong Kong ) (Singapore ) this will help our driver better know what door you will be coming out of

Phone:(032) 358 5428
Cell 09433865498
2016 by The Asian Belgian Resort Moalboal Cebu .

CONTACT US IS EASY..Cell 09433865498
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...USD $..Cash you get.%5 off most prices
Credit cards add=%4 percent

Email us to learn more
Returning Guest can get 17% off their room rates
by emailing us first and 10% off your dive rates

mastercardtripad facebook

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