FREE USE OF scuba diving equipment on all dives thats a saving of 20% The Asian Belgian Resort dive center is a modern and spacious center specialized in scuba diving

The Asian Belgian Resort_ PADI Dive Center Scuba Diving resort Connecting travelers with Moalboal Cebu Philippines
If youre a scuba diver special room prices are available to you email us to find out more
DISCOUNTS FOR GROUPS PAYING CASH Pay with USD $..Cash you get 5% off most prices

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Scuba Equipment Rental


Boat-Dive Rates..night 1400 peso..Includes Dive Master
Boat-Dive Rates..day 1300 peso..Includes Dive Master
Reef-Dive Rates..day 1000 peso..Includes Dive Master
Reef-Dive Rates night 1200 peso..Includes Dive Master
10-Boat-Dive Rates 11000 peso..Includes Dive Master
Dive Computer 200 Peso per dive or 500 peso per day..
.Scuba Equipment Rental FREE

Snorkeling Prices

Mask and Snorkel

Snorkeling Prices

100 peso per day
Fins 100 peso per day
Wetsuits 100 peso per day
Water Shoes Free
Dive Computer 200 / per dive Or 500 / per day
Boat rides when going with divers Non divers 300 per day
Marine Park Fee: 100 PHP, per boat dive and per diver 100 peso..


We offer airport pick up 24 hours a day or night even (MIDNIGHT )-to the resort Car...1-4 persons...one way: 2.600 PHP/Car Big car...5 persons...one way: 3.200 PHP/Big car Large Van...6-11 persons...one way: 5.000 PHP/Large van We will need your flight number an time of arrival Also we need to know where your coming from (sample ) (Manila ) (Hong Kong ) (Singapore ) this will help our driver better know what door you will be coming out of

Phone:(032) 358 5428
Cell 09433865498
Email asianbelgianresort@gmail.com
2016 by The Asian Belgian Resort Moalboal Cebu .

CONTACT US IS EASY..Cell 09433865498
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...USD $..Cash you get.%5 off most prices
Credit cards add=%4 percent

Email us to learn more
Returning Guest can get 17% off their room rates
by emailing us first and 10% off your dive rates

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