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Moalboal (pronounced as mwal-bwal) is one of Cebus most popular diving destination. Ten minutes boat ride away from the main land is the small yet very precious Pescador island. Its underwater is considered as a divers paradise, It is filled with a variety of beautiful corals and many species of reef fish. It is home to thresher sharks, frog fish, turtles, and hundreds-and-thousands of sardines. !
chili bar  moalboal cebu Mayas Native Garden Restaurant
Panagsama Beach Cebu Philippines
Around dark that sometimes results in some interesting disputes ,it all started when someone got out their I-phone the search of mobile web-sites begain its always in good fun, everything works out okay and everyone remains friendly , my only concern was that they might run out of cold beer ,but they never do. .
. one eye jack -in-Moalboals-mal Riviera Lounge Bar Moalboal Cebu on the way to town of Moalboal Cebu is a good place to eat ..prices are low and the beer is cold , ..its new as of Aug 2016 we have eating here a few times and like the quick service... ill give them a thumbs up .
chili bar  moalboal cebu BEST BAR TO HANG OUT
Chili Bar is a great watering hole to hang out with friends for a drink or seven with awesome Pizza in a central location in Moalboal.Chili Bar on Panagsama Beach is a popular hangout for regular customers, ... first presentation in the Philippines right here in Panagsama, Moalboal, Cebu.
. one eye jack -in-Moalboals-mal ONE EYED JACK Bar and Grill New American Restaurant One Eyed Jacks is a two story Resto Bar located in Panagsama Beach on the ... Best bar in Cebu! ... Great Bar and staff and this was much needed in Moalboal.New American owner it a great place Live Band Six Strings .
atm machine moalboal cebu Philippine National Bank Moalboal Cebu the PNB Bank
phone number in Moalboal Cebu 032 350 4652 and
032 350 4653 ATM for internatial use are available at Gaisano Grand Moalboal! its on the main street i one more availn town of moalboal The ATM is available 24 hours a day or night There are several other ATM machine as well one inside the mall and one at the ThreeSixty Pharmacy
. McDonald's-in-Moalboals-mal McDonald's Moalboal opened in the Gaisano Grand Moalboalits on the main street Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers, fries and shakes. Address: National Hwy, Moalboal, 6032 near the PNB Bank .

The town proper of Moalboal, Cebu is situated in a wide cove the beauty and loveliness of which can, in a small measure resemble Manila Bay. Diving, drinking and dining (in that order) top the list of activities in Moalboal (hard ... resort village a short tricycle (P100) or habal-habal (P30) ride west of town. It?s beautiful sunset with its grandeur and magnificence is an attraction to many people.How Moalboal got its name has puzzled not a few people. Many and varied are the conjectures on how and why it has been so named. Today, many people in Moalboal still speak the dialect with the Boholano accent and intonation. The leading citizens in the town are the Babieras, the Cabarons, the Gadors, the Redobles, the Sabanals and other. . moalboal-town

Moalboal is a sleepy town located in Southern Cebu. Best known for its beaches, colorful underwater world, its an impeccable weekend get-away from the city Despite its proximity to Cebu city, Moalboal has retained a unique charm and relaxed atmosphere that has endeared to local and foreign tourists especially those who love nature, resorts, dive spots and orchid farms abound the area, making Moalboal the ideal getaway from the busy city life. Moalboal is a peninsular where you can find a lot of beautiful coral shorelines. Kasai Village Resort is one of the biggest resorts in the area that offers beautiful and relaxing ocean scenery.
Map_Moalboal_beach_cebu Welcome To Barangay Saavedra Basdaku White Beach Moalboal Thousands of people from all over the world come each year to spend time with us . We are praised on tripadvisor by many for our people friendly ways of welcoming these visitors
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. Map_Moalboal_beach_pi Saavedra is best known for it world class resorts/hotels like (Dolphin-House-Resort)and(Moalboal Beach Resort)with(Asian Belgian Resort) (Seagates T Breeze Coastal Resort)(Ravenala Resort )(Sea Turtle House)(The Blue Orchid Resort)and (Hale Manna)-(HK resort)-(Barefoot Resort)
dive-moalboal_cebu Lets be honest if you want to go diving, its the Philippines or bust and cebu is one of the worlds best . Whether its the unmatched sea life, easy access to dive sites or the sheer brilliance of the waters of the philippines Sea, the region is the top diving destination for a reason. Diving in the Philippines offers the Scuba Enthusiast a combination of the most dramatic vertical wall terrains, colorful coral .. . diving-moalboal-cebu One of the best outstanding value for a first class dive vacation in the world today. Stay, eat and dive in style ? safe, enjoyable and affordable holidays; we invite you to explore our Moalboal locations:
Panagsama-Beach-cebu Panagsama Beach is an old fishing village,has no real sand beach but rather a rockier beach which quickly drops off although Panagsama has the most bars, restaurants, people and dive shops. The beath of Panagsama in the people , you eather love it or hate it for me i feel that if your going to call your self a beach you should have some sand . Panagsama-Beach Since the resorts in the area cater mostly to divers, entertainment is laid back and more of a chilled out pub style at atmosphere. For sunset drinks, Andys talisay point, Chili Bar, One Eyed Jacks and Pacitas disco are but a few places where foreigners hang out.
Airplane-Wreck-moalboal Some of the popular dive sites around Moalboal include: Airplane Wreck. The wreck of a two-seat airplane donated by LancAir (an American-based plane) Both wings are detached from the fuselage, but still lie in perfect flying position. One of the tail fins on the left side of the tail is broken away and lays two thirds of the way along the left wing. Aside from this and the missing propeller blades Depth: 23 metres (76 feet) Visibility: 15 metres (50 feet)
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. Airplane-Wreck-moalboal-cebu Wreck of an old post transporter which was sunk there for divers in 1993. Marine life includes pegasus, pufferfishes, nudibranchs, spinecheek anemonefishes..Copton Point and diving on the plane wreck makes for a refreshing break from the excellent reef and wall dives the areas does have to offer.
pescador-island Pescador Island is an island located in the Ta?on Strait, a few kilometres from the western coast of the island of Cebu in the Philippines. It is governed by the municipality of Moalboal, Cebu. As Pescador Island is a marine park, dive shops are required to pay a fee for each diver they bring to the island. Proceeds from entrance fees are managed by the Municipality of Moalboal and Moalboal Dive Center Association A rather more unusual part of the Pescador island biodiversity is the large school of sardines that have made the relative sanctuary of the reef its home. . pescador-island-moalboal

The warm waters of the Philippines harbour a very rich marine life, with over 2,500 species of fish,[1] and many of these are also found around Pescador island, contributing to the island being so popular with recreational divers.
open-water-diver course Three Resorts in the white beach area offer scuba diver training ...Learn to scuba dive - get your scuba diving certification with the PADI Open Water Diver course ? the world's most popular and widely recognized scuba course.! What does it cover? The PADI Open Water Diver course is, by far, the world's most popular scuba certification course. Millions of people have started diving
Asian Belgian Resort
The Blue Orchid Resort
. ssi-diver course Three Resorts in the white beach area offer scuba diver training ...SSI offers internationally recognized scuba training programs for all levels - starting with snorkeling and entry level diving courses up to Instructor Certifiers. If you ever decide to continue your training and become a certified diver just contact your local SSI Training
bus-moalboal Getting To Moalboal from Cebu City
As usual, the cheapest method is a local bus 2.5 to 3 hours. From Cebu airport, take a taxi and ask to go to the south bus terminal (the airport is in Mactan, quite far from Cebu city, so be ready to pay around 200 peso for this. The yellow airport taxis are more expensive - expect to pay around 300 peso . White taxis can be found at the top of the ramp leading up to departures.
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. taxi-moalboal-cebu Taxis can be hired at Cebu Airport for 3000 (fixed rate as of January 2015. Many of the hotels and guest houses in white beach will send a car or van for pickup for about 3,000.peso Another option is to arrange your taxi ride in advance. There are several private operators driving legitimate taxis. (Asian Belgian resort) charges 2600 pesos

A nice place to chill while taking a break away from the city life. Sit back and relax in one of benches in Moalboal Park. Good to spend time talking, laughing with your friends and colleagues. Get also an intimate talk with you family and your spouse. Catch the view of sunset at the bay while having a good sip of your cup of coffee or taking some refreshments and beers at the restaurant. If happen to drop by at the market, better have some short roam at the place. Get to relax for a moment and enjoy the scenic from the park. Go order a drink or a cold beer and snacks. Laid back and wait for the sun to disappear and watch the sky in the late afternoon. A good position where to laid back at the benches in nearby coastline and in the restaurant while watching the sunset at Sea Side Park Moalboal Philippines Cebu.
. seasides-park-moalboal

I was astonished of this park. The landscape, beautiful garden, countless benches, magnificent view and is truly one of Moalboals most unseen treasure. Sea Side Park Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines ? not far from the Moalboal Meat Market. A phrase caught the attention of every person inside the park. The catching arts and paintings drawn on the exterior of a building and in every walls at the park. Paintings are pictures of Moalboal?s richness like paradise. Drawings are of different sea creatures would mean that these can be achieved in a paradise like in Moalboal.

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